The Best Thing About Being a Video Producer

A big thanks to Sr. Clare Joseph Daniels for snapping a shot while I was filming at her monastery!

The best thing about my job as a video producer? That’s a tough one, but I decided to think it through in the interest of looking back on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019. 

#TheBest: I get to help people share their story.

That is the best part of my job, hands-down. First, I get to be a sponge and learn so many cool things about people, occupations, passions, and about life. Then, like a gemcutter, I get to refine these ideas into their clearest form. Then, I get to share it with the world, often surprising and delighting my subject by revealing things that even they didn’t know about themselves. Storytellers have played a critical part in collecting, preserving and sharing the treasures of humanity since the beginning of time. And I’m blessed to be one.

Katie Rutter is the executive producer of Thing in a Pot Productions. She has received multiple awards for her videos and the overall quality of her work, including being honored as Video Producer of the Year in 2018 by the Catholic Press Association. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our video Pro Tips in your inbox every month!

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