Tribute to Paul Weaver of Best-One Tire

The touching story of how one man, just by “treating people right and doing the right things,” changed lives and made the world a better place. Paul Weaver has been in the tire business for fifty years. In those decades he proved himself to be an invaluable partner to Best-One Tire, one of the nation’s largest independent distributors, as well as a life-changing inspiration for countless coworkers and employees. As he prepared to retire, his company decided to honor him with a surprise tribute video, interviewing him (without his knowledge of the true motive) and a dozen others who have worked with him. The video premiered on the big screen in front of hundreds of employees at the Best-One Fall Seminar 2017. At the conclusion, the entire room rose to a standing ovation as Paul fought back happy tears.

This video was a collaboration with Miles Media of South Bend, Indiana, created for Best-One Tire.

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