My Biggest Tip for Newbie Videographers

“For all those fledgling people… what is your advice?” That’s one of the questions that host Andrew Lambert asked during our episode of his business podcast (listen to the entire episode here). My answer, summarized, was that anyone in this industry needs to keep evolving their tools to match the market, while getting better and better at the universal principals that never change.

#ProTip: Use the newest tools with tried-and-true methods.

Video cameras and equipment are constantly getting better and more accessible, and the way users are interacting with video is constantly changing, so in order to stay ahead, a producer must be immersed in the latest breakthroughs and the styles that are currently pervasive. But the basic principles of storytelling will never change. My videos are based on one one simple, active and emotionally-connected phrase, just like Shakespeare’s stories. And a story of struggle will always captivate human beings, whether it is told on cave walls or the iPhone X.

Katie Rutter is the executive producer of Thing in a Pot Productions. She has received multiple awards for her videos and the overall quality of her work, including being honored as Video Producer of the Year in 2018 by the Catholic Press Association. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our video Pro Tips in your inbox every month!

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