How Long a Video Interview Should Be

“Don’t worry about the time. That’s my job.” I found myself saying this to a video interviewee last week. The man, a professional consultant, felt that he couldn’t take the time to share his passion for his work because he wanted his video to be two minutes.

#ProTip: 2-minute videos evolve from 30-minute interviews.

In reality, the best two-minute videos actually evolve from interviews that last between 30 minutes to an hour. That gives the interviewee enough time to get excited and share the story behind their work. Then, we can select the very best portions and create a video that captures not only the facts, but also the energy and passion of the individual.

Katie Rutter is the executive producer of Thing in a Pot Productions. She has received multiple awards for her videos and the overall quality of her work, including being honored as Video Producer of the Year in 2018 by the Catholic Press Association. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our video Pro Tips in your inbox every month!

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