From the Patio: The Team and T-shirts

In the second bi-weekly update, Thing in a Pot Producer Katie Breidenbach introduces the man in charge of graphics, Brian Rutter. He shows off some of his shirt designs, and the Katie asks for opinions on creating shirts for Thing in a Pot. Share your thoughts in the comments, or by emailing

And if you want to know what the “lytic cycle of a bacteriophage” is, get educated on this terrifying, alien-like creature here.

One of Thing in a Pot’s films was also accepted into a festival. Read more and watch “In All Things” here.

And watch the two newest TiaP films here and here.

The “From the Patio” series outlines what’s growing at Thing in a Pot Productions and is sent out every other week in their new email newsletter. Get extra perks, like early access to Picture Scripture, by subscribing here.

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