Mary: God’s Dream Come True – Fulton Sheen Timeless Wisdom

God existed before His own mother, which meant that He dreamed of her long before she was born. Then, He made her to be just as perfect as He could. Master teacher and theologian Fulton Sheen explains.

This video is the sixteenth episode of the “Fulton Sheen Timeless Wisdom” project. The audio is part of “Lesson 48 – Mother of Jesus” from Fulton Sheen’s lessons on the Catholic Catechism. Listen to the whole talk at

Fulton Sheen, a teacher renowned for his clear explanations and deep insight, delivered hundreds of talks between the years 1950 and 1979. The “Fulton Sheen Timeless Wisdom” project attempts to bring his words to life for the internet age, illustrating segments of these lessons for a broad audience. Thing in a Pot Productions is happy to partner with Anthony Buono of to deliver a taste of Sheen’s wisdom. Watch all the episodes here.

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