Coronavirus Safety Policies and Precautions

At Thing in a Pot Productions, our mission is to help others communicate and connect through video. After a partial shut down due to the coronavirus, we are happy to resume all video productions, essential and non-essential alike. We are closely monitoring the situation and following the advice of public health officials to resume productions with minimal risk.

The safety of our crew members and clients are a top priority in this reopening phase. Our staff has always worked from home, so video shoots remain the only place where an infection could be transmitted. To that end, we are implementing new procedures and policies that apply specifically to video shoots and client interactions. These policies take effect June 15, 2020 and will remain in place until public health officials indicate that the precautions are no longer necessary.

Digital meetings and consultations

Meetings and consultations will be held on a digital platform using a video chat service or conference call. This includes the initial planning session ahead of a video shoot. Clients may be asked to take pictures of a filming location, or show it during a video chat, so that the producer can make plans for the specific space.

Health screenings for crew and on-set clients

Crew members and any client who will be on set are required to inform the producer if they have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus in advance of the shoot (CDC list of symptoms here: Temperatures will be taken with a non-contact thermometer as each crew member and client arrives on set. 

Crew member showing symptoms will not be allowed on set. If this occurs, we will make every effort to replace that member and/or cover their assigned tasks. If that is not possible, the client is entitled to a reimbursement or rescheduled shoot at no cost. Similarly, clients showing symptoms will not be allowed on set; clients planning to be at the shoot must have a designated person available to replace them OR cover rental costs and 50% payment of crew members if the shoot must be cancelled.

Personal protective equipment for crew and on-set clients

Crew members and clients are required to wear CDC-recommended face coverings while on set. These may be brought from home or will be provided by Thing in a Pot Productions. A mask may be removed only by an on-camera subject for the duration of videography. Gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will also be provided. Crew members will wash or sanitize their hands before and after setting up or tearing down equipment.

Sterilization of equipment

Equipment will be thoroughly sterilized between film shoots. Particular care will be given to microphones; only the person using the microphone will be allowed to touch it after sterilization. On-camera clients will be asked to apply their own lavaliere microphones. Clients will also be asked to apply their own anti-shine face power which will provided in a sterile container with disposable applicators.

Social distancing

Video shoots will follow the local and state guidelines regarding number of persons allowed at a gathering. Thing in a Pot Productions will minimize the number of crew to minimize contact and potential infection. Anyone not essential to the production will not be permitted on set.

On set, crew and clients must maintain a 6-foot distance between each other at all times. If the shoot is scheduled to take place on-location, the client must provide a space large enough to accommodate the crew at a safe distance from the on-camera subject and each other.

No-contact food delivery

All-day shoots include a lunch, coffee, and bottled water provided for the crew and clients. Food will be ordered in advance from local restaurants and received with a no-contact delivery whenever possible. Crew members or clients who are not comfortable eating from a restaurant should bring a lunch from home.

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