Saintly Cookies Provide Spiritual Health

A saint’s cookies, fresh from the Sisters of St. Benedict. These nuns, based in Ferdinand, Indiana, follow a recipe written by St. Hildegard of Bingen to make their most popular product. Last year, they baked 71,488 of these incredible spice cookies. St. Hildegard claimed that the cookies would create a cheerful countenance, lighten a heavy heart and reduce the effects of aging. In addition to the recipe, the medieval saint wrote hundreds of other remedies using the properties of nature. She is hailed as a mystic, prophetess, composer, poet and theologian. Her feast day is Sept. 17th, so you could say that the nuns are preparing to feast on the feast.

This video was created by Thing in a Pot producer Katie Breidenbach for Catholic News Service. Read her accompanying article, that includes more details about the sisters and the saint, here.

And you can order the amazing Hildegard cookie on the Sisters of St. Benedict’s website.

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