Building a Future: The Story of St. Jerome School

UPDATE: This fundraiser was successful! The church raised $125,000 and the dorm is being constructed. Read the full story here and check out the photos below.

A bloody civil war left much of Uganda in poverty as crops were destroyed and a whole generation went without education. In 2009, a local priest converted land that was once a refugee camp into a small school for the town of Kapeeka and surrounding areas, christened St. Jerome School. As more and more children began to attend, St. Charles Borromeo Church in Bloomington, Indiana decided to “adopt” St. Jerome to financially support these children and the facility. Now the church is raising money to build a new dormitory for St. Jerome’s booming student body. They are also searching for individuals willing to sponsor children who cannot afford even the most basic tuition fees. 

To donate or sponsor a child, visit or

Originally posted April 24, 2017.

Building the Dorm

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